Minor Edition or ME as we love to call it, is all about passion
- for colour, imagination and creativity. As mums of gorgeous little girls,
we share the same desire – to see our angels in that distinctive, impeccably
tailored and yet affordable dream dress, for any occasion, which would make them
look even prettier, than they anyway are. Our endeavour is to create something unique
with a contemporary edge. The limited edition of these special occasion dresses makes
them exceptional. We do not follow any trend, dare we say, we initiate them. Our creations
blend the tradition and yet offer something new.

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Meet the Designer

Founded by Ipshita, she designs the dresses herself. She loves anything unique and eye catching and does not always follow the trend. Her journey of imagination with a riot of colours started a long time ago. She has maintained a delicate balance between enjoying science all her life and nurturing the artist in her. Now, her five year old daughter is the inspiration and joy behind all her designs and the brand. 

The dresses are for ages  between 2 and 6 years. They are original and are manufactured ethically in a very small scale. The prices reflect the small scale production of these dresses. The designs were all sketched by hand on paper and then stitched in detail for your gorgeous little ones. 

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Needless to say that all the pretty dresses, whatever the occasion, are tested first hand by her little girl. Ipshita has designed the website as well. She lives in Surrey, United Kingdom.

Minor Edition is only a beginning; the goal is to achieve prompt and quality customer service. This is for you and your satisfaction is important to us. We would love to hear from you and any feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions to improve our service.

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Wish you a warm welcome and thank you for visiting our site.

Minor Edition makes your child a new “ME”.

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