It is vital that you follow the care instructions in the label, for the long life and brightness of cotton dresses. They do need some TLC to look good sometimes. Here are a few tips on caring for cotton clothing from personal experience.

  1. We would recommend that you pre-treat any stains before washing. You can blot or scrape off excess stain/dirt first. Soaking the dress in cold water is always a good idea for protein stains like blood stain and you can also use a colour stripper for various other types of stains.
  2. Luckily, white cotton can handle high temperature and laundry detergent. Always best to wash dark colours in cold water, 
  3. Always check if the material is colourfast. Always wash same colours together.
  4. Best if you can get the time and energy to hand wash or even better if you dry clean them. If you are on the go, use the coolest cycle in the machine and avoid the tumble dry. You don’t want them to come out all wrinkled and lacklustre.
  5. Always better if you can iron when slightly damp on high-heat setting.
  6. Traditionally starch was used to make them crispy, nowadays a starch spray might work wonders to the cotton dress while you iron.